Introduction to Hedgehog Care


A four hour session on Zoom with Lucy, founder of Wild Things Rescue, going over important topics to do with Hedgehog care! There’ll be plenty of time for questions and if you can’t make the event live, you will be sent a recording!

Next course date: Saturday 30th April 2022 10am-2pm




This introductory course is designed to open your eyes to some of the issues you may come across when dealing with Hedgehogs. With the species in decline, more and more people are looking for ways to help our spikey little friends. While rehabilitating Hedgehogs might seem like a great way to help out, it’s MUCH more complicated than it may seem. This course will teach you some important aspects of Hedgehog care including what IS normal (you can’t tell when something’s right if you don’t know what’s normal!), identifying a Hedgehog friendly garden and common issues.

We would strongly encourage anyone looking to start working with Hedgehogs to find a mentor to support them through the process.